PSX: The Exchange for People Strategy eMagazine - Winter 2020


In this issue of PSX we offer these three articles (simply click on the links below to access the content).

The US economy is truly a tale of two economies. A robust and supportive economy for the top 10% and certainly the top 1% of Americans. But for the rest, not so much. Graham shares some information on the state of the union.


In this, first of 3 articles, we present a high-level overview of how an executive can effectively transfer the risk and consequences of a premature death. Bob Birdsell discusses how an executive will be able to proceed with a plan to migrate risk or take a pass on electing to insure his or her life.


Nearly 20 million students are estimated to attend college in the fall of 2020. Not all of those individuals are college freshman of course, but whether new to college or not, no one has to remind these students or their parents of the skyrocketing cost of higher education. Michael Graham shares some of the best ideas for getting a good ROI for your college dollars.