PSX: The Exchange for People Strategy eMagazine - Fall 2019


In this issue of PSX we offer these three articles (simply click on the links below to access the content).  

Michael Graham offers a look at the recent jobs reports and the Fed’s position on interest rates, and what these two not wholly unconnected things mean for the US economy. Graham asks, “Is the US heading for a recession?” And offers some insight.

A new article from Bob Birdsell, the second in a series of two, on company sponsored executive death benefits.

Michael Graham also looks at the recent pronouncement of the Business Roundtable which took a renewed look at the responsibilities of corporations and determined that profits for shareholders should not be the only goal to advance. Rather they determined that corporations must also invest in employees, protect the environment, and deal ethically with suppliers. To which we say, “DUH!!”

We will be back between Thanksgiving and Christmas with lots more insight into how you can manage your people strategically and to the benefit of your organization and all its stakeholders.

We hope to provoke some dialogue with these and our other articles, columns, and topics. Join the conversation and become part of the robust exchange of information.