Organization and Talent Management Programs to Support ESG, DEI, CW, & PE

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In our research and in working with our clients, we have found that there are many approaches that organizations use to promote and support Environment, Social, Governance (ESG), Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI), Comparable Worth (CW), and Pay Equity (PE). This discussion will provide you with a summary of these programs, policies, procedures, and ideas specific to organization and talent management.

But before you turn the page and start ticking off suggestions that you think might work for your organization, we ask that you reflect on two essential selection criteria: 1) your organization's overall strategy and 2) its people strategy. To understand how these items can and should impact your decisions on program, procedure, and policy changes, read our article titled Human Resources Programs Worth Considering that Support ESG, DEI, CW, & PE. (Click on the title to be taken to that article.) It discusses how you can implement what will work for your organization and its unique goals and objectives.