Survey of Business, People and Total Reward Strategy Changes

Survey of Business, People and Total Reward Strategy Changes

Originally posted October 2009

Grahall invites you to participate in the 2009/10 Survey of Business, People and Total Reward Strategy Changes

Grahall’s Michael Graham says: “Many of our clients and friends have begun to ‘re-think’ their organization’s reward programs for 2009 and 2010. For most firms the first phase (the last 6 months) was directed towards continuation of cutting costs ‘across the board’ in an effort to respond to the turbulent economy. Many now are entering the next phase of restructuring / realigning / renewing them in order to more effectively position their organization’s Business and People Strategies in anticipation of economic recovery. This research study is designed to take an in-depth look at the immediate past, and more importantly, to capture plans for the future.”

Claudia DeFrancisco, survey coordinator, says: “After we collect and analyze the data, participants will receive a summary report of this study at no cost.  Be assured that responses to this survey will be held the strictest confidence, and that your firm’s data and responses will not be disclosed to anyone.”

The survey will take just a few minutes to complete; it is organized in 5 brief sections:

• Environmental and Organization Profile
• Stakeholder Influence Profile
• Business Strategy
• Recession-Related Changes to People Strategy
• Rewards Strategy and Recession-Related Changes

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